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Republicans are not just Waging War on Women’s Rights, with legislation limiting access to contraceptives, and mandating trans-vaginal ultrasound scans to humiliate women seeking abortion. Republicans are Waging War on America and undermining the very foundation of Democracy in an attempt to hold power through Vote Suppression and Voter Intimidation.
Aside from supporting unlimited accumulation of wealth, low taxation for the upper one percent, and the procurement of every weapons system advanced by the Military-Industrial Complex—the GOP is anti-everything else. Anti-abortion, anti-contraceptive, anti-feminist, anti-woman, anti-women’s health care rights, anti-gay, anti-foreign, anti-immigrant, anti-Hollywood (except for fundraisers), anti-liberal, anti-labor, anti-organized labor, anti-minority, anti-government, anti-Affordable Care Act and hysterically anti-nearly-everything-President Obama supports.
Republicans took over the U. S. House of Representatives and a gaggle of state legislatures in the swing to the right by voters in 2010. This enabled Republicans to accelerate the War on Women’s Health Care. Right Wing states require women seeking abortion to undergo ultrasound scans before having an abortion. The author of the Alabama ultrasound bill offered women a Hobson’s choice of which ultrasound method they preferred for their humiliation. As will be seen, the GOP no longer has a valid reason to exist. The unholy alliance of Republicans and the Christian Coalition is coming apart at the seams.
The election of November 6, 2012, could be a watershed event, a tsunami, sweeping Right Wing Republicans out to sea, likely surpassed in importance only by the New Deal election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932. Voters will reject religious fanaticism and social wedge issues. Voters will see through GOP propaganda in all its overt and subtle forms. GOP Chair Reince Priebus encapsulated the social barb that is latent in all GOP ‘Talking Points”. When Obama came to America, according to Priebus, he took advantage of many of the opportunities here.
For the more innocent among us, Priebus implied that Barack Obama likely emigrated from his mythical homeland in Africa along the lines of Eddie Murphy’s character in “Coming to America”. Perhaps this explains why the Right Wing and snake oil salesmen, such as Donald Trump, demand to see the President’s long-form birth certificate, as if the announcement of the birth of Barack Hussein Obama II on August 4, 1961, published contemporaneously in the Honolulu newspaper, were part of a conspiracy to foist an extra-terrestrial on our Nation.
The election of 2012 likely will slow down legislation to impose government-mandated ultrasound scans as a humiliation of women, and expose Vote Suppression and Voter Intimidation as unlawful tools that Republicans use to subdue minorities and other democratic citizen groups. Unless the electorate reigns in Right Wing state and federal legislators, the War on Women’s Health Care and minority groups will continue unabated.

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July 9
Paul Covell
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