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(Story continued from part 4 of this series)
Last week you found the last object you needed to get yourself out of this room. Now all you had to do was to find where the last object belongs.
You went back to the center pillar and began looking for a place to park this last object. On one side of the pillar you noticed a slot much like the one you found on one of the outer pillars. It was about 6 inches wide and about an inch high. “This must be the place to put this tablet,” you said to yourself. You shoved it into the slot. As soon as you stuck it into the slot, you heard a “click”.
It was totally silent in the room for about 30 seconds. All of a sudden the center pillar began to disappear into the ground. The floor between the outside pillars started to glow with a soft bluish light. The light became brighter and brighter. You figured it would be a good idea to get off that part of the floor and stand on the other side of the room.
As soon as you reached the other side of the room, the floor that is now glowing brightly with the blue light started to open up. The pillars around the outside began to change. The tops of the pillars started opening. When the tops of the pillars were fully opened, strange rods of iron began to come up out of the pillars. The rods continued to grow until they were about 5 feet from the top of the pillars. Then everything stopped just as suddenly as it had started.
There was a dead silence in the room. You were sweating bullets. Your knees were knocking together. You imagined the room was going to blow up or something, sending you into orbit around the planet Xexon. You wanted out of this room, but you didn’t want to be the first human satellite. That’s not exactly how you thought you would spend the rest of your short life.

Fiction & Literature
September 25
Ron Fast
Smashwords, Inc.

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