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As wisdom has it, time on earth and tide in the ocean wait for no man. It’s also true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; but a journey from here to hell and back, may never be a pleasant story to tell. “Game of Chains” is a true story, told in support of besieged and struggling people worldwide; it’s also a story, told to empower beleaguered and disadvantaged people around the world. It is undeniable that rising from the plantations of slavery to the highest offices in the land is nothing short of a miracle. Similarly, rising from the homelands of Apartheid to the highest offices in the motherland is equally, nothing short of a miracle. Similarly, rising from the concentration camps of Auschwitz, back to the Promised Land is equally, nothing short of a miracle. Finally, rising from the obscurity of red Indians and chiefs to today’s thriving Tribal Nations is surely, nothing short of a miracle. But what is even more miraculous is that, such shameful atrocities and such heinous crimes against humanity have all happened in human society. Nevertheless, such amazing triumphs of good over evil, and such astounding achievements of repressed people around the world, from the most humble beginnings in bondage to the highest levels of human dignity, have also happened in human society. “Game of Chains” is a story of one race of people, sent on a treacherous journey to hell and back, and yet, the essence of my story came to fulfillment right before our eyes in this generation of our lifetime. This is a story of the struggle for dignity among the various races, cultures, colors and religions within the largest melting pot on earth. Find out how the new world became a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-colored, and multi-religious society, even before the greatest Union was formed. This story also chronicles the reflections, recollections, lamentations, opinions, and beliefs of the author. Born and raised in the former Gold Coast colony, the author strikes an interesting similarity between himself and the father of the 44th President of the United States; each came to this country in pursuit of his dream of college education; at least, that’s what they thought. Find out what happened in each of their separate lives in the melting pot. Get to the roots of the struggle; find out the origin of the struggle for freedom, justice, dignity, and equality in the melting pot. Find out how the stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone on the land. Find out how the finest mansion and the greatest monument in the land, build by slave labor, reserved only for nobility, became residence of descendants of the slaves who built it. Find out all about the messenger sent on a special mission from Africa. I grew up in the small canoe-fishing town of Christiansborg, Osu, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. As a child, I was fortunate enough to attend the schools that the early Missionaries built during the colonial era. Growing up under the giant shadow of the infamous Christiansborg Castle; I quickly learnt what many in our community already knew. It was common knowledge that our peaceful and picturesque seaside neighborhood, was one of the most brutal slave trading centers in Africa; next only to the iniquitous Cape Coast Castle; few hundred miles west of my hometown, and the notorious Elmina Castle, further to the west of my hometown. All three colossal castles, still stand today on the sandy shores and salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean; each colonial castle, acting as a giant window, looking back in retrospect to the ills of the colonial era and the evils of the slavery era, even to this very day. I decided to write this book and tell this story, when this nation elected its first-ever African American President in almost three centuries. To me, this is the greatest, most historically significant change that ever happened since the new world was discovered. I wrote this book solely in honor of the brave heroes...

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August 19
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