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This book provides a thorough analysis of the evolution of land property rights and transfer mechanism during the transition of the Chinese society from being a traditional self-sustaining agricultural society to a modern commercialized agricultural society. It provides empirical proof for complicated property rights theories and a solution and path for land capitalization. It discloses that in practice, land ownership may not be the essence and knot of the problem, and that the implementation of land property rights really matters.

The book also provides a series of pragmatic solutions and measures to improve the current land law system and land policy in China. It stresses the importance of a pragmatic research methodology that is based on arguments on real life research and evidence, which may help promote a more grounded research atmosphere in the Chinese academia.

Contents:Implementation and Protection of Land Property Rights in the Context of Urbanization:IntroductionCurrent Land Policy and Implementation: Effect and EvaluationLocal Experience and Policy Innovation: Case Study and AnalysisSuggestions for Policy Improvement and Law RevisionImplementation and Protection of Collective Construction Land Property Rights — Involving the Problem of Sub-Right House:Introduction and DefinitionsTransition of and Evaluation on Collective Construction Land System: Based on HomesteadMethods and Effects of the Government's Management and Law Enforcement on Collective Construction LandWorrying Signs of Comprehensive Reform Experiment for Overall Planning of Urban and Rural Areas: Is the Homestead Exchange for House a Breakthrough?Innovations and Experiments by Farmers, Collectives and Local Governments“Sub-Right” Houses: Contentions on Obtaining Property and Development Rights for Farmers Suggestions for the ReformLand Transactions and Agricultural Modernization:IntroductionEvolution and Development of Land Transaction and Scale OperationCases on Land Transaction and Agricultural ModernizationLand Transaction, Organization Transition and Agricultural Modernization: Analysis and Discussion Based on CasesPolicy RecommendationsAppendix: Thesis Seminar: Land System Reform of ChinaAfterword
Readership: Academics, undergraduate and graduates students, professionals interested in China's polices and protections of the land rights and property rights in its urbanization and agricultural modernization.
Key Features:Comprehensive and in-depth analysis on China's land problemsFirst-hand materials from author's field investigation, including 16 case studies from Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Liaoning Province, Guangdong Province, Sichuan Province and ChongqingOriginal research on the game between central and local governments over land property rights, the implementation of property rights, and the modernization of agriculture as a result of land transfer

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