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If you've tried almost every diet in existence, but nothing seems to work; if you feel frustrated and unhappy with your body; if you have to shed a few pounds for an important occasion or a holiday: look no further!

This is the audiobook that you need, it will give you crucial tips and tricks for a rapid, healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Its audio format makes it easy to listen everywhere and whenever you want, even a boring journey on the train will become an occasion to learn something new and useful about your body and your new diet.

It includes:
Easy-to-follow chapters: you can just relax and listen, no more enormous books that feel like a chore and that can be confusing as well;A new approach: this product will aid in your weight loss with easy recipes and a sustainable pace, you won't have to go hungry;A diet for everyone: for every age group and gender you will find a unique and effective method, results are guaranteed;
With this book you'll be able to convince your subconscious mind your stomach is now smaller, 100% safe, no risky surgery involved.

Overcome your emotional barriers, work on developing a healthy relationship with food to avoid emotional eating, and enjoy a leaner self.

Heal your mind and body with meditation and positive affirmation and discover how amazing a mindfulness diet is.

Forget about the yo-yo effect and the crazy diets forever.

Self-hypnosis will change your life and the way you think about food.

By reading this guide you'll learn:
The amazing way hypnosis can help you lose weightThe BEST meditations and positive affirmations you need to start healingHow to overcome the emotional barriers so food doesn't rule your lifeWhat is a gastric band hypnosis and how it can help you lose weightHow to use self-hypnosis against food addictionFocused thinking…and much much more!
No matter your age or weight, the information in this book will help you achieve the body you want without taking unnecessary risks and without starving yourself.

After finishing this book, you'll feel like a new person, healed and comfortable with your new body.

What are you waiting for? Stop being dissatisfied and regain your confidence with just one simple click!

Health, Mind & Body
January 22
Alison Riley
Draft2Digital, LLC