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As a writer for the Kensington University newspaper, I have to do my job, even if that means getting the scoop on the university jerk jock, Xander. I knew that Xander was muscular and hot as hell - all of the rumors at school told me that. What I didn't know was that there was much more to him. I knew I would be getting a story about the school's hottest jock. I just didn't know I would start falling for him.
Xander likes to tease me. He flirts. When no one is looking, he'll grab me and kiss me. It seems he's starting to fall fast for me, too, but he has his guards up. No one knows he's gay. No one knows he likes to get naked with a nerd like me and do things that make us both hot, sweaty and spent.
I think I was starting to fall for this jock, but what was going to happen?


I had everything worked out. I was the star powerlifter at Kensington University. I was big, strong, and hot as hell. All the girls wanted me. All the guys looked up to me. Everything was perfect, but something felt always missing.
That something came along in the form of the cutest, sexiest nerd I had ever laid eyes on. Jackson. He was writing for the newspaper, and I was his next story. I thought it would be a quick interview and then I would send him on his way. But we wanted each other too badly.
Jackson made me feel alive, and horny. When I put my hands on his naked body I felt like I was on fire. It was our secret, that we were starting to hook up. Jackson was going to threaten all of the guards I had put up, and nothing would be the same.

This is part one of a two part story. It contains explicit scenes of gay romance, gay sex and gay erotica. It is intended for mature readers.

Fiction & Literature
April 3
Lucas Loveless
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