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Getting Paid

Collecting the Disability Check: A Resource Manual for Libraries, Individuals & Professional Advisors

Millions of dollars of disability benefits are held back, unnecessarily, every year Disability Services Group
In 2012, MILLIONS of dollars in Insurer, Social Security and Veterans Administration disability claims will continue to be denied unnecessarily. ElderCare Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of the new Disability benefits resource manual Getting Paid, authored by Allan Checkoway, a nationally recognized disability expert.

Allan shares Insider Tips on how to correctly file a Long Term Disability claim, dramatically improving the likelihood of collecting benefits. His new publication was developed to help the multitude of disabled Americans learn how to collect the millions of dollars of disability benefits there eligible for.

1.2 million Social Security Disability applications were filed in 1999 (48 percent or 579,000 were declined). In 2009, ten years later, 2.8 million Social Security Disability applications were filed (and 65 percent or 1,830,530 were declined). In one decade, the number of disability applications more than doubled while denials more than tripled. In one year, more than $23 TRILLION dollars of annualized benefits were lost.

22,500 Veteran’s PTDS disability claims denied as personality disorders USA Today . . . How is it possible that a personality disorder, assuming it existed prior to military service, is diagnosed when psychological evaluations are not done prior to induction? Why?

Disabled Americans diagnosed with serious medical and psychological illnesses are just beginning to process the enormity of the physical, emotional and financial challenges they will be facing. Getting Paid offers guidance on home and travel adaptation to make life easier. Readers are empowered as they open up a whole new world of knowledge.

April 27
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