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After a long day making business deals to sell the latest in sex toy technology, Ria just wants to unwind. She heads to the bar for a drink and meets Natalie, a gorgeous red-head relaxing after a day of sales of her own.

A few glasses of wine and Ria invites Natalie up to her room to sample all that modern technology has to offer ...

Another vibratingly hot short story from Emily Cantore. Features explicit lesbian sex, vibrators, anal beads, vibrating eggs and two girls doing some very naughty things. 5300+ words.

“Here, have a go of this,“ I said, picking up a large dark blue penis-shaped vibrator. I held out the rubbery toy and shook it in her direction, making her giggle as she took it from me. I watched as she rolled the head over her moist labia, pushing it between them slowly as they wrapped around the shaft. Once it was a few inches inside her, I smiled and leaned over to turn it on. It jolted to life and immediately began to tremble with a noticeable hum as it reverberated off the walls of her vagina. She moaned with satisfaction as the technologically advanced motor system stimulated her g-spot with a high-level pattern of vibrations. There was a reason my company was one of the best, as Natalie was rapidly finding out for herself. She lay back on the bed, holding herself up on her elbows as she masturbated in front of me, sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy repeatedly with her mouth swinging wide open. Her large breasts jiggled with every tiny movement her body made, and not wanting to feel left out, I picked up a toy of my own.

Fiction & Literature
April 1
Emily Cantore
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