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The attack on Libya laid bare the iron fist within the velvet glove of slogans such as “humanitarian intervention." Like the destruction of Yugoslavia and the rape of Afghanistan, the reduction of Libya to a virtual slave colony was performed under the banner of NATO. And what exactly is NATO? Richard Cottrell tells the story of mayhem and murder behind the “alliance for peace" and predicts an emerging military colossus fighting to seize control of strategic resources such as oil, gas, minerals and water anywhere on the planet.Conceived as rear guard stay-behind operations to frustrate a Soviet invasion, NATO’s covert special forces warped into instruments of psychological and physical terror. This was the 'strategy of tension' intended to manufacture a state of fear, driving electors to safe Right-wing governments. Thus followed the 'years of lead' in which hundreds of innocents perished and many more were injured in a synthetic war fought in the streets and public squares of Europe. Gladio architect and NATO commander General Lyman Lemnitzer was implicated in constant efforts to kill stubborn French president Charles de Gaulle, which led to NATO's eviction from France. The Pentagon C-in-C sacked by JFK for rank subordination duly reaped his personal revenge on the president in Dallas. On Lemnitzer's watch the secret armies forged bonds with organized crime and dedicated neo-fascists. The destruction of Bologna railway station on a busy summer day in 1980 was a classic false flag atrocity. A NATO-backed military junta pushed aside the elected government of Greece. The island of Cyprus was subjected to partition and genocide. According to Gladio manuals of terror devised by French master terrorist Yves Guérin-Sérac, urban guerrillas like the Red Brigades, the Baader-Meinhof Gang and the November 17 guerrillas in Greece were penetrated and manipulated. Turkey suffered two sponsored Gladio coups. Premier Adnan Menderes was hanged after that of 1960. The second in 1980 installed Gladio's Turkish commander General Kenan Evren as military dictator. Italy found itself with a powerful alternative deep state government, the ultra-secret P2 pseudo-Masonic lodge founded by acolytes of Benito Mussolini. The Vatican banking scandals led to the bizarre ritual murder in London of leading P2 member Roberto Calvi. Swedish PM Olof Palme was assassinated. Seventeen years later his pupil and premier-in-waiting Anna Lindh met the same fate. Italian ex-PM Aldo Moro, eager for compromise with the communists, was kidnapped and murdered. An attack was staged on Pope John Paul II by Turkish neo-fascist gangsters with regular work as Gladio guns for hire.Cottrell describes Gladio in the evolutionary stage two of the Strategy of Tension, the communist bogey replaced by Islamic terror and anti-globalists. The exposure of Ergenekon, a Gladio copy-cat deep state conspiracy brought to light in Turkey in 2009 led to mass arrests across the country by in the incumbent soft Islamic government. The massacre of innocents in Norway in Norway in July 2011 and shootings in Belgium, France and Italy all bore the signs of classic Gladio false flag ops.

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