Gleanings from Rumi's Divan Shams in English: An Anthology of Rubais and Ghazals

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The Divan Shams contains the most delicate poems which have been dedicated to Shams Tabrizi by Rumi, and he completed many of his poems in his name. Of course, the Divan Shams can be considered as a part of the truth of poetry. At the same time, it can be said that the Divan Shams is beyond the scope of poetry. Whatever Rumi has said is the pure wisdom and knowledge arrayed in the melodious garb of poetry. The Divan Shams is the most complete book of the School of Love. This volume is the first of a multi-volume series of Rubais and Ghazals that envisages to bring this hitherto untranslated book of Rumi to the English readers. Although translation can never hope to capture and encompass the complete beauty of Rumi’s poetry, it is earnestly hoped that this anthology brings the spirit of his poetry to the reader’s soul.

Dr Mahdieh Boostani, the translator of this collection, hails from the Islamic Republic of Iran. A renowned poetess and a household name in her native country, Dr Boostani serves as an English lecturer and instructor at Royan English College and Gaj Institute in the department of English (Iran). Across myriad English institutes, over the last half a dozen years, students have benefitted from her academic brilliance and literary acumen. She was awarded the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy in English Language and Literature by Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India in 2017. She pursued her research in the burgeoning discipline of Comparative Literature under Dr Pattanaik from BHU, and her eventual thesis titled “Elements of Sufism in the Poetry of Rumi and Whitman: A Comparative Study” has already gained global recognition as a path-breaking study on Sufism. Dr Boostani completed her Post Graduation in English Language and Literature from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India in the First Division. She has 8 international research paper publications to her credit in addition to her participation and involvement in numerous workshops. Gifted with a flair for poetry, Dr Boostani is amazingly creative and aesthetic in her literary pursuits. Besides her wizardry with words, she has proved herself as a brilliant English teacher, specialized in advanced methodology in teaching and curriculum development. Creative and analytic, insightful and industrious, friendly and humourous, Dr Mahdieh Boostani has distinguished herself not only as a writer and academic par excellence, but also, as a unique and charismatic soul, different, because special.

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June 23
Dr Mahdieh Boostani
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