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Without doubt, we are well aware today of the benefits of Glycemic Index (GI), which started like a project in 1981, at the University of Toronto, where the concept was originally developed and the result called the Glycemic Index and the many impacts it has had on the management of sugar bias conditions. 

Yes, this project team was led by Dr. David Jenkins; but the reasoning behind the development of this concept is to gauge the effect of carbohydrates on the content of glucose in the blood. 

This means that for anybody that is out to regulate his or her blood glucose content owing to hyperglycemia or diabetes, the glycemic index is a concept that must be embraced! 

Naturally, since diabetes is already hitting the epidemic mark in the United States alone, and the rest of the world cannot be said to be totally free …the discovery of this concept was a highly welcomed development at that auspicious time. And in fact, it still is today! 

Besides that, the situation was getting even worse, since more people are being diagnosed with this seemingly intimidating disease that usually lead to other medical complications like the deadly kidney failure. 

So, it was a timely concept, as you will see later on, it will be wisdom for persons with diabetes to get acquainted with the Glycemic Index so as to be well equipped by knowing the diet plan to stick to and the foods to kick off their present diet plan. 

To start with, one thing you will need to know is that the class of food called carbohydrates typically contains varieties of food groups which produce different types of sugar during metabolic breakdown. 

As a matter of fact, persons afflicted with diabetes usually find it tough to break down some food items especially the ones that are having high carbohydrate contents. I mean, their system cannot simply handle it! 

The truth is that, with their digestive system working at a slow pace, starches and sugars are absorbed into the blood, resulting into excessive glucose in the blood stream.

Therefore, persons suffering from diabetes are seriously admonished to reduce their carbs consumption because of the slowness of their system to digest carbs. 

Well, I will like you to get your copy of this book to get access to the full details of the way to go about managing your condition! Yes, get the book: Glycemic Index Food Guide: The Open Secret Tips to Low GI Foods for a Nutritious Low Glycemic Diet That Can Help You Avoid Hyperglycemia and Diabetes! 

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