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Humans have a long and glorious past. The true tale of civilization differs greatly from the tidy, orthodox version taught in schools. There is an unseen reason for the growth in websites proclaiming “everything you know is wrong.” In some respects, this is true.

The real tale of human history is a hidden one. Thriller novels and conspiracy theorists have touched on it. This is why they touch a quivering cord in the collective unconscious of humanity.

In fact, we are largely a species with amnesia that recently has transitioned into a 6th epoch in an expanding spiral of solar time. The ancient 4th era of Atlantis ended in disaster, as our world shifted to the previous 5th age of the sun. It was a period of indescribable distress when surviving humans who remained alive contracted into a state of deep fear that would take root in world cultures.

In brief, the earth nearly died in a related series of far-flung catastrophes as a fragment of an exploded supernova passed through our solar system before crashing into the sun. Those gruesome events were a ‘great cosmic train wreck’ that is still carried in our collective unconscious. Each local group has its own version of a vast disaster story on earth; for example, recall Noah’s Flood or the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The supernova fragment greatly affected earth—causing its crust to slip and thereby repositioning the continents while ending the last ‘Ice Age’. The magnetic core also moved, causing a pole shift from south to north.

There were also global ocean tidal waves as our original, small moon was destroyed and Earth captured a large new moon that came from an outer planetary orbit as there originally were 12 planets in our system. Earth’s nearest inner planetary neighbor to be destroyed was between Mars and Jupiter—now an asteroid belt of dust and rock.

In the 4th Sun Age, a high civilization called Atlantis arose on a warm Antarctica in a society that fused science and spirituality into wisdom beyond modern grasp. Our advanced people traveled globally, interbred with locals, and spread vital knowledge. But most perished when the 4th Age epoch ended in disaster.

A hardy handful of 4th Age survivors heroically devoted themselves to a vast rescue mission. For generations, ‘the Nephilim’ rebuilt an altered world, broadcast survival systems, transmitted social codes, and preserved old wisdom.

Those perceptive ‘heroes of old’ saw that the world clock had sped up in a new solar context and knew December 2012 would mark the next Turning of Ages. It would launch an era when we'd sorely need their ancient wisdom. All those events and insights are reviewed herein.

For decades we were in the final twilight of the 5th Age that ended in December 2012…an event horizon for humanity when the 6th epoch began—each person’s chance to create life of grace and ease as the unseen context of earthly life shifted. Each reader would gain from spiritual supports in this new era.

Accordingly, background on an ancient Atlantean-derived meditation is presented in Volume II. It is a simple, self-directed & transformative. It thereby serves as a core self-help tool to amplify the effects of every other personal growth technique one adopts.

The how-to’s and all meditation materials are presented along with optional support information in Volume III of this series, a low-cost booklet entitled GNOSIS ONWARD—THE ANCIENT ATLANTEAN MEDITATION. There is also a companion, meditation soundtrack that can be downloaded at very low cost from most major MP3 music sites.

You are welcome to take this version of the world’s ‘true history’ lightly. And to do so as you activate your own, failsafe capacity for inner knowing.

The Greeks called this inexplicable intuitive awareness GNOSIS. Hence, this word has appeared in the main title for all 4 editions in this series.

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GNOSIS IN THE TURNING OF THE AGES and His Succeessors, a Corporation Sole

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