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Arius and Athanasius began the doctrine of Trinity in 300 AD, but the Pope, Bishops and Church dignitaries settled it in 451 AD and the Trinitarian Doctrine was etched in stones.

The OT prophets, the scribes and teachers had the foundational truth of One God and all their messages were from Yahweh, the One God of Israel.

Christ maintained that He was sent from the One God and did His will by His spirit upon Him. Apart from the spirit of God, Jesus did nothing. (Jn.5:30) The Apostles received of the same spirit of God that was on Christ and they too adhered to the One God. The Father sent His Son by His spirit and the Son, the Apostles and us by the same spirit of God. Trinity is a blasphemy of God.

Right from the moment I could talk and reason, I knew that my life has a purpose. When I became a minister, I began an association with God and I came to realize that He is One and not three.

There are few people who took a stand against the doctrine of Trinity and I have answered the call of their hearts by writing this book. The scripture stands alone and this book agrees with it. I have joined my voice in saying that the Lord our God is One God and in Him there is no splits or division. I say with Christ, the Prophets, the Apostles, the godly Church Fathers who were martyred on account of this and who loved the Lord: Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is One Lord.

The Law and the Prophets spoke in one voice, the salutations of the Authors of the Epistles spoke in one voice and all the OT & NT saints agreed with them that the spirit of God is God Himself according to 1Cor.2:11.

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August 23