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Meet six characters in search of salvation.

Jessica feels broken and vulnerable from the sudden death of a dear friend. The pre-med student draws solace from her new husband John, and yet his love cannot fill this void. So he sacrifices his daily needs to give her a potential balm… and strange things start to happen. Mysterious, mystical things. Things you can't explain….

Jason lives each day clinging to the past. He shuns retirement, seeing no future outside his downtown pet shop, and yet the 70-year-old knows this world will not stand still for him or his longtime veterinarian friend, Pepper. Then Jason befriends a lost child, one who turns their lives upside-down….

Bridget finds herself locked in a dark room, with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Her fight for freedom leaves Bridget even more confused, until a sudden change promises a world of happiness. But this paradise, she soon discovers, might just be a prison….

Charles wanders the streets and alleys, hoping the ties he daily builds with one caring friend may soon win him a home. But just as his opportunity arises, a stranger threatens to unravel all of Charles' plans. And that, he will not allow….

Six characters, each seeking salvation, yet falling short. Or so it seems. Yet goodness and mercy may shine even in tales of murder and mayhem… and nothing is certain when one or more of these characters are not human.

That sets the stage for "God's Furry Angels" by Kirby Lee Davis, a coming-of-age tale exploring the adventures that refine us, the temptations that divide us, and the divine will that binds us together. This novel also delves deep into the minds of those most alien of creatures, our ever-curious, ever-irrepressible cats, and others among God's creation.

Illustrated with photos by the author, "God's Furry Angels" is a fun adventure for all ages. It delivers the kind of feel-good experience you'll look forward to reading again and again!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 12
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