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People are seeing it and the news captures it every day: undisciplined, disrespectful children becoming dangerous individuals unwilling to follow authority or submit to anyone, especially God.

Many are pointing fingers at the children themselves, or society today, but we all should have fingers pointed at ourselves for not taking the initiative to raise these children up in the ways of the Lord.

Author Arnold Robertson defines this need for God while raising today’s next generation in his new book, God’s Planned Parenthood. Arnold begins his book with the startling realization that we all may, in fact, not know the role of God in our own lives; that He is the Creator and should be at the forefront of our existence instead of only called upon for emergencies.

This leads into a brief re-education for readers in Chapter One’s “The Problem: We Don’t Know God?” where Arnold highlights the various characteristics of God and depicts how these qualities are present to establish a loving relationship between the Creator and the created.

The book then narrows down in subject matter to illustrate the roles of fathers, mothers and children, defining how God organized these roles and the effects these roles can have on families’ growth or decline.

The hope Arnold has through God’s Planned Parenthood is to enlighten readers on the need for God to be present in the lives of families today, not just in the children but the parents as well.

Satan, as discussed in the book, is looking for any foothold to sneak into families today to tear apart their foundation and distance them from God. By understanding who God is in our lives, and who He has created us to be in our families, we can teach our children how to be respectable, God-fearing future adults.

January 29
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