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2017 Reader's Favourite Award Winner!

Golfing Out of Your Mind (How to Lower Your Score Without Changing Your Swing) is the third book in the series that began with Just Hit The Damn Ball! (How to Stop Thinking and Play Your Best Golf).

How long have you played the game? Are you constantly improving or riding a roller-coaster of inconsistency?

Golfing Out of Your Mind reveals the simple keys to play better than you ever thought possible!

The story begins when a book-signing event at the golf club forces our protagonist (Jonathan) to cancel his weekly game. After his playing partners decide to skip the game in favour of studying the book, Jonathan confronts the author and accuses him of duping golfers into believing the game is "all in their head."

After the book-signing event, the author attempts to compensate Jonathan for the disruption by offering to accompany him during a nine-hole game. Jonathan's initial reluctance quickly fades as he sets out to prove the author is a fraud.

Jonathan bogeys the first two holes and vents his frustration on the golf course. The author asks Jonathan a series of questions that gradually reveal unconscious beliefs about how the game should be played. Each chapter concludes with a lesson that golfers can easily apply to their unique skill level.

Stop repeating past mistakes! Learn how to trust your natural ability.

If you've ever hit a perfect shot, then you have the skill. Golfing Out of Your Mind is an easy-to-read, non-technical book that offers guidelines to help you tap into your natural ability.

Can you actually lower your score without changing your swing? Are you ready to find out?

Grab your copy now and start playing better than you ever thought possible!

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March 6
Dave Johnston
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