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With a busy schedule, has sex fallen to the bottom of your to-do list? By the time you finally do collapse into bed, would you rather get to sleep than get it on?
Take heart, you’re not alone:
According to CNN nearly 40 million Americans are stuck in a sex rut, and more than 52% of us are dissatisfied with our love lives. When you’re sex life is neglected, your relationship becomes vulnerable -- to anger, resentment, infidelity -- and you start to feel more like roommates than lovers.

At Good in Bed we believe that couples should be trying to have sex at least once a week. Studies show that people with healthy sex lives lead healthier lives overall, and doing it once a week keeps you tuned in and turned on instead of tuned out and turned off. So think of this book as your weekly sex-planner, with 52 weeks of inspiring sex-scenarios.
But sex is like food – if you eat the same thing over and over, not only will you get bored, you’ll also end up depriving yourself of vital nutrients. And just like the food-pyramid, there are different categories of sex that you should be consuming from regularly: there’s sex that’s loving and tender and enhances emotional intimacy, and then there’s sex for the sake of sex: because it feels good and relieves stress. There’s sex that taps the power of fantasy and proves that the mind is the biggest sex organ and there’s sex that plays to all of our various senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Our 52-week regimen draws from all these groups, and more, with the goal of giving you a healthy, balanced, (and ultimately hotter) sex life.
So get ready to start penciling in some sex– but plan on something new and totally unpredictable.
About the Authors:

Ian Kerner, Ph.D, is a sexuality counselor and New York Times best-selling author of numerous books for Harper Collins, including She Comes First and Love in the Time of Colic. He is a contributor to NBC TODAY amongst others and lives his wife and two boys in New York City. He is certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.
Steph Auteri is a writer specializing in sex, relationships, and other sources of angst related to the back-and-forth between men and women. She is the Assistant Editor for YourTango, a web magazine featuring content on love and relationships. She has also been published in Time Out New York, New York Press, Lemondrop.com, Playgirl, Nerve.com, and other bastions of fine writing.

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