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This is book 1 of the Thunder Riders MC romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I’ll wear his ink. I’ll bear his baby. But I will NOT give Granite my heart.


My brother is the only family I have left, so I’ll do whatever it takes to save him.

But the gang he’s caught up with refuse to let him go free.

I need someone to help my brother break away from those bastards.

Granite is the perfect man for the job.

He’s as hard as they come.

Tall, tattooed, with a gravely voice that sets my insides on fire.

And as a member of the Thunder Riders MC, he knows his way around the criminal underworld.

But nothing in this life comes for free.

And in exchange for helping me, Granite wants something that only I can give him…

A baby.

I have no choice but to agree.

But with each night spent bending over for the biker, a new thought pops into my head:

I started out doing this for my brother.

Now, am I doing this for Granite, too?


I could never resist a damsel in distress.

But I’m sure as hell not a knight in shining armor.

In exchange for getting this princess out of trouble, I want some payment for my time.

And Allison is well-equipped to give me exactly what I’m after.

Her body is to die for…

But then again, so is the job she’s laying at my feet.

Her naïve brother is in deep with a crew of scumbags.

Getting him out of there won’t be a walk in the park.

But Allison’s curves make all the blood and suffering worthwhile.

Every night with her makes me crave more and more.

And when she tells me she’s pregnant with my child, everything changes.

I’m no longer in this just to get my rocks off.

I’m here to protect my family.

No matter what it costs me.

November 13
MBK Hanson Inc.
MBK Hanson Inc.

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