Gray Wolf Security Wyoming: Complete Series Gray Wolf Security Wyoming: Complete Series

Gray Wolf Security Wyoming: Complete Series

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Enjoy all FIVE books from the Gray Wolf Security Wyoming series, with more than 245,000 words of romantic suspense. The collection includes Hank, Grainger, Lance, Clinton, and Sutherland.

Book One: HANK

I'm a cowhand. I've never pretended to be anything more, but that didn't give her the right to pretend that I wasn't smart enough to have read all those fancy books she taught her students or that I wasn't brave enough to have served my country. Her and her privileged background—what did she know about working for a living? What did she know about pride and bravery? But there was something about her, something irresistible. And when she got caught up in the middle of the case—that I was assigned to handle—I couldn't keep my distance from her. Would I have kept my distance if I'd known I'd have to choose between her and my boss? What the hell have I got myself into?


I grew up on a farm, but I left there the moment I could to join the Navy and got myself engaged to a Santa Monica beauty. The last thing I wanted was to be shipped to Wyoming to return to the life I'd left behind. But here I was, pretending to be married to a short, curvy woman who was nothing like the beauty who ran off with my best buddy. There was something beautiful in the simplicity of small-town life. And Eve Spraberry might not be the angel the town seemed to think she was, but she was angelic enough to distract me from the life I left behind, and that was kind of the point, wasn't it?

Book Three: LANCE

Becky was a mystery from the moment I set eyes on her. I knew she was a single mother, and that sometimes came with some wariness, but her resistance to my charms was extraordinarily strong. She wanted me—I could feel it in her kisses—but she pulled away when things got too deep. However, I could never have imagined how dark the mystery really was. No one could have guessed that Becky was on the run from the FBI. Yet, here we were, running from an FBI agent, sleeping on the frozen ground, and planning on abandoning everything we'd ever known—including her daughter. What had I got myself into with this woman? And how was I going to get out? Did I even want to get out?

Book Four: CLINTON

I came here for my own reasons, the job just playing a secondary role to my prime objective. It was fortuitous when the Mahoney raid was suggested, and my captain gave me the opportunity to take part. After all, I'd worked with the DEA in Florida, at least as far as he knew. Taking down a drug operation like the Mahoney Cartel should be just a walk in the park for me. I didn't anticipate it turning into a complete ambush or that she would be the one to come to my rescue. She was beautiful and resourceful, but she was a distraction. I couldn't let anything stand in the way of me and my prime objective.


I'm a widow. I'm a mother. I'm a rancher. Nowhere in that description is lover or savior. But some cosmic force thought it would be hilarious to throw in the Hollywood hunk next door at the same time some massive criminal organization decides to kidnap my dead husband's best friend, my mentor, my friend. To add to the list, someone's been sabotaging my ranch, and someone else has been stealing secrets from my office and giving them to the enemy. Or maybe it's the same person. How am I supposed to figure it out? I'm too busy falling into bed with the Hollywood hunk and trying to figure out where Ashford Grayson is being held while making sure the cattle doesn't burn up in a grass fire. All in a day's work? Welcome to the chaos.

March 13
Glenna Sinclair
Draft2Digital, LLC

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