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Enjoy the first FIVE books of the Gray Wolf Security series. Romance, Suspense, Mystery and a touch of Comedy. No Cliffhangers. More than 1,000 pages :)


He killed my brother. He didn't wield the rock that destroyed a promising

life, the life of a future doctor, but he killed him just the same. He

should have been there that night, should have protected Joshua from the

wrath of bullies that he'd pulled down on us all. But he wasn't. And Joshua

died. Now my dad expects me to sit back and let this man protect me? Was he

insane? I don't care how wonderful Gray Wolf Security is. I wasn't about to

give up my freedom, my privacy, and allow Donovan Pritchard to follow me

around for the unforeseeable future.


My life ended the night my father won a place in the US Congress. Not

because he won the election, but because he died when I lost control of the

car he, my mother, and I were riding in. My parents both died and I was

left paralyzed from the upper thighs down. There's an operation that could

fix my legs, but maybe I don't deserve a second chance. After all, my

parents didn't get one. But then a woman walks into my life…it's always a

woman, right? We're both broken, but maybe together we can find a way to

fix what no longer works.


She doesn't talk. How the hell am I supposed to trust the life of my child

to a woman who won't talk? It's not a physical thing, it's emotional. I'm

paying thousands of dollars to Gray Wolf Security to protect my child from

potential kidnappers, and they give me this emotionally broken woman who

won't speak. Not only that, but she's so tiny she couldn't hurt a fly.

Well, okay, so she knocked me to the ground. But I'm not a drug lord with a

loaded pistol pointed at an innocent child. Just because she's beautiful

and she has these curves that I can't seem to get out of my mind doesn't

mean that I'm okay with this situation.


Hypocrisy drives me up a wall, yet I'm probably the biggest hypocrite to

ever live. I own one of the leading pornography websites in the country,

maybe even the world.But I grew up in a conservative, religious household

and getting my mom's voice out of the back of my head is almost impossible.

Until I lay eyes on Kirkland Parish. An operative for Gray Wolf Security,

Kirkland is supposed to be my guardian, my shield between my quiet world

and the threats that have promised my impeding death.


Three years ago, the love of my life disappeared. I never believed she was

dead even though the government tried to convince me she was. I would never

give up on her no matter what anyone told me. But I did get a little

distracted by Mina Kaufman, a stranger who gave birth in the back of my

SUV, delivering a perfect baby boy into my hands. How was I supposed to

turn my back on them? Mina and her son brought me out of the limbo my life

had descended into. And how was I supposed to know that she was lying to


August 9
Glenna Sinlcair
Draft2Digital, LLC

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melrak ,

Gets you hooked

The first collection is my favorite. It is written well and pulls you into the family.

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