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Grief Relief: Confession Leads To Recovery is written from the author's perspective of coping with loss, examines the emotions that come with the pain, and how to get relief from the grief. Complete with note-taking pages, worksheets, and confessions from other men and women who are experiencing grief. 

"Grief Relief is a book that is not only a must-read, but it is a must share. Obviously, if someone has gone through this, the benefits of reading this book are clear. But there are people who’ve never gone through this kind of grief and who may want to help someone they know. Grief Relief gives the insight for those people as well. Whether someone has experienced the loss of a loved one, or knows someone who has, Grief Relief will help everyone on all sides of grief understand so there can be a better acceptance of this new normal." -Excerpt from the foreword by Victoria Christopher Murray, #1 National Bestselling Author and Award Winner. 

Keaver Brenai author of Grief Relief: Confession Leads To Recovery is also a vocal recording artist, songwriter, voiceover performer, author, music director, worship leader, public speaker and philanthropist. She comes from a family of U.S. military service members and is the founder and CEO of the music based military Veteran focused non-profit Brenai Foundation. Keaver also utilizes children’s book writing with her music therapy tool “LullaBabyMusic” which received Grammy nomination consideration. She has studio/live performance credits with Michael Jackson, Charlie Haden, Andrea Crouch, U2; national commercial credits for Crayola, General Mills, Kraft, and others. She lives in the Los Angeles area of Sunny Southern California, where the ocean mist kisses her face daily.

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September 29
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