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Grimm: The Essential Guide is here and better than ever!

Download this interactive, multi-touch book and let the NBC hit drama series Grimm come alive!

• Learn about Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt and the rest of the characters on Grimm.

• Watch Season One and Season Two Recaps.

• Enter Aunt Marie's Trailer and view her mysterious artifacts.

• Browse pages from Nick’s family journal passed down by generations of Grimms.

• Get a 360 degree look inside Rosalee’s Exotic Tea & Spice Shop.

• Navigate through the Creature Gallery and see their creepy transformations.

• View and maneuver 3D models used to design the mythical creatures.

• See behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of both Seasons 1 & 2.

• Be one of the first to see the terrifying new creature, El Cucuy.

• See exclusive photos from the Season 3 premiere episode.

• Create your favorite creature, save it and/or submit it to NBC – We just might post it online or in a future edition of this book.

• Meet the cast, test your Grimm trivia knowledge, get each episode, and so much more!

Both die-hard fans (aka Grimmsters) and curious newcomers will discover the ancient secrets of the supernatural Wesens that live among us in Grimm: The Essential Guide, Seasons 1 & 2.

Get it now and get ready for Season 3 of Grimm!

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August 8
NBC Publishing
NBC Publishing

Customer Reviews

Flyfisherjo ,

warning for Canadians

The promised pilot episode isn't good outside the USA, that's NBC.
Otherwise it is a nice little guide, good for remembering all the creatures that were seen in the first season. The Q&A with the actors are VERY short. Half of the second season preview is from the finale but there is some bloody new footage too.
Interestingly, the wording referring to Nick's mom is ambiguous, like maybe she is or maybe she is a pretender. That would be another interesting plot twist...
Overall, it's free and if you live in the USA you get the pilot, so it is definitely worth downloading.

nicole_1905 ,

Availability for anyone...

I hate that this book is not available for anyone outside of Apple's technology. I have itunes on my PC, so why can't I have access to it? This is what I hate about Apple, it's not accessible to everyone equally. Make it accessible to anyone who wants it, and make us pay, period. I want this book and I'm willing to pay for it. Can you answer me that, APPLE ????? Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I'm in Canada, so not everything is playable outside the U.S.

Hippy Chique ,

Very disappointed...

I am a huge Grimm fan that lives in Canada. I am quite disappointed that all features are not available outside the US. Other than that, this book is a great Grimm guidebook. I believe that anyone who has an iTunes account should be able to access all content they download from iTunes, regardless of where they live.