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Welcome to Grizzly Cove, where bear shifters can be who they are...if the creatures of the deep will just leave them be. Wild magic, unexpected allies, a conflagration of sorcery and shifter magic the likes of which has not been seen in centuries... That's what awaits the peaceful town of Grizzly Cove. That, and love...lots and lots of love.

This anthology contains the first three Grizzly Cove novellas:

All About the Bear
Welcome to Grizzly Cove, where the sheriff has more than the peace to protect. The proprietor of the new bakery in town is clueless about the dual nature of her nearest neighbors, but not for long. It’ll be up to Sheriff Brody to clue her in and convince her to stay calm—and in his bed—for the next fifty years or so.

Mating Dance
Tom, Grizzly Cove’s only lawyer, is also a badass grizzly bear, but he’s met his match in Ashley, the woman he just can’t get out of his mind. She’s got a dark secret, that only he knows. When ugliness from her past tracks her to her new home, can Tom protect the woman he is fast coming to believe is his mate?

Night Shift
Sheriff’s Deputy Zak is one of the few black bear shifters in a colony of grizzlies. When his job takes him into closer proximity to the lovely Tina, though, he finds he can’t resist her. Could it be he’s finally found his mate? And when adversity strikes, will she turn to him, or run into the night? Zak will do all he can to make sure she chooses him.

January 23
Bianca D'Arc
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Customer Reviews

Mamawolf30 ,

Grizzly cove I want more

Loved the stories only thing did not like is how each one ends so abruptly.
I want to know more of how each sister is doing do they end having kids etc
All in all good stories I couldn’t put it down!!!!

Isaro88 ,

worth reading

a 3-book intro to the Grizzly Cove bears. Each of the first 3 stories in the series are shorter than full length novels, more like novellas, but for me that works well as an intro to a series.

these are the first books that I’ve read involving bear shifters, and they are a lovely intro to that section of the shifter genre. Ms. D’arc makes both the human and shifter characters appealing and worth knowing about. The stories (at least these first 3) are mainly romances between bear shifters and their human mates-to-be, but by the third story a mystery is developing that is intriguing and I’m definitely going to buy the next 3-book volume to see how it turns out!

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