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Bite-Sized Magick: Ground and Touch the Earth is an esoteric manual on the magical technique known as grounding. Grounding is a basic skill in witchcraft; however, it is worth noting that many practitioner of the Craft still cannot do it effectively; worse, there are those who do not even perform it properly by using a method that is even disrespectful to Mother Earth.

Why would you want to ground? Well, grounding is a way for you to find your roots and connect more intimately with Mother Earth. Sad to say, but the truth is that many people are lost that they walk upon the Earth without having any regard for Mother Earth. Even practitioners of the occult are guilty of this. They just forget about their real roots, their home, and become manipulated by the modern system —a system of vileness and immorality, selfishness and meaninglessness. By grounding, you are able to touch the Earth — or some would say, kiss the Earth — and be finally back home, where Mother Earth can heal you, and where you can discover a magick that is raw and pure, which was also the magick of our ancestors. Unblemished and whole.

Bite-Sized Magick: Ground and Touch the Earth teaches the magical art of grounding in its purest form, which was also the way our ancestors of the Old Days practiced it. It is also worth noting that this practice can be considered a whole magical system in the sense that it will teach you a lot of things about magick. By grounding, you also get to learn how to control and manipulate magical energy, how to open the mind and communicate with Mother Earth telepathically, to become more sensitive to the life force of the Earth, and thus to every other life force, and so on. It is the magick that is raw and pure on its very own merit.

It is understandable why grounding is considered a basic skill in witchcraft — because it is important. It is a way to bring you back home when you are lost in this vile modern world. It will take you back into the very core of the Earth, untouched by the hands of modern man, and where magick is alive and complete once again.

Do not be like the other practitioners of the occult who cannot even ground properly and yet step on the face of Mother Earth. Also, it is good to realize that since you came into this world, you have always been swimming in the rich energy of the Earth, and there is no way you could escape it — except perhaps through death.

Bite-Sized Magick: Ground and Touch the Earth is the key that can open wide the doors of magick for you. Touch and go into the Earth, where magick is real and pure forever. Blessed Be!

Health, Mind & Body
April 29
Lazarus Moon
Draft2Digital, LLC

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