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**** FULL SET***
Life wasn't what Elayna thought once she married her nouveau riche husband. She has found out the hard way all that glitters isn't gold.
Nick is hired to protect Elayna. He thought it would be from rival businessmen or the paparazzi, but soon finds out it's something more dangerous... Her husband.
Once more she was alone. The beauty of this secret garden ruined because of the events that took place today, like most of her gifts,she thought. She decided she would change her clothing before her husband got back from the Summit. She settled on wearing white skinny jeans with a white and yellow, off the shoulder blouse. She wore yellow high heels to match. Her makeup was refreshed and her hair was now in a high ponytail. She looked at herself in the mirror. Something she was finding harder and harder to do without picking herself apart day by day. She leaned against the sink and stared into her own eyes. She wasn’t the same country girl she had been when she married her husband a few years ago. She wasn’t the same person period. The things he had subjected her to had hardened her and jaded her belief that all men could be good. Nick was changing her opinion of that. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about him. His eyes always seemed to tell her something more than what his lips did. She knew he was attracted to her. She was attracted to him, and today watching him defend her she found herself even more attracted to him after. She took a deep breath, assessed herself one last time, and left the bathroom.

October 19
Jessica G.Rabbit
Smashwords, Inc.

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