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Commander Lemuel Gulliver XVI returns from a 25 year odyssey around the solar system searching for places to put the world's excess population. He found none. He therefore is determined to join others who have recognised this major problem and are attempting to do something about it. Overpopulation is responsible for many of the world's major problems: global warming, the lack of fresh water, famines, poverty, youth unemployment, reduction in natural resources, and the storing of excess wastes in our air, water and on our land. The commander's 25 years of reading and thinking has made him understand the importance of eu-paranting. Many of the problems of our societies are related to the lack of parental love and the inability of parents to effectively educate their children.
Several societies have licensed parents to have children based on a number of criteria-- which vary from country to country. Cmdr. Gulliver plans to visit some of these countries and learn what they are doing first hand. He is aware of the anchors of tradition that hold most of us in ruts of ignorance and selfishness. Religions, businesses, bankrupt governments and many other groups have reasons to keep their populations reproducing. The problem, as all thinking people know, is that Mother Nature in all her bounty has not given us enough arable land and freshwater to adequately nourish all of her children. She has also not provided enough natural trash cans to harmlessly hide our wastes.
In the ensuing books of the series he will look at the ethical and psychological stumbling blocks that bolster tradition-- a tradition which, if not changed, will destroy most of our human brothers. The commander wants to help present-day humanity to recognise the dangers for its progeny if something is not done yesterday! If we are to reduce our population we must extend our working ages and postpone retirement. But this goes against our selfish natures. We must pay for our own retirements and our medical care and not expect the government to borrow from others to pay for us. But this, too, goes against our selfish natures. Also, in our modern day governments the corruption of power, rather than the good of the governed, is the reality of nearly every democracy and dictatorship of today. His search for utopian principles requires addressing these problems also. They will be addressed in this series that he plans to write.

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November 27
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