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The sinister Global Defense Network is planning an offensive to subdue everyone opposing their agenda and anything revealing their insidious secrets… unless Wilmer P. Cohen and his friends can hit them first.

After the 2013-2014 Civil War in America, things changed. The average American Joe and Jane are unaware of  what lies below society's surface; and it had been this way for quite some time.

What if the U.S. Government had not told us the whole story?

What if there was more to U.S. Navy deep sea diving than we've been told?

What strange mystery did Wilmer P. Cohen have locked away for so many years?

A young journalist, James Albright, has been called in to interview a very aged Wilmer P. Cohen, who leads a quiet and lonely life in a nursing home in Moreno Valley, California. What young Mr. Albright finds out, however, is that there is much more to this retired deep sea diver than meets the eye. What he discovers will change his life forever.

This is BOOK THREE of the Wilmer P. Cohen Adventure series.

Navy diving, Navy SEALs, Hollywood extras, lisping oafs, sinister villains, the CIA, and a rock legend that is not as dead as once thought, are included in this blend of science fiction, Christian fantasy, and military special operations. When Cohen's secret is revealed, the real adventure begins that takes a handful of patriots, pilgrims and just plain Joes on a journey across country to find rest in Beulah...

By the grace of God, and a little help from "the Man in Black," perhaps some order may be restored; maybe, some lives will be put in order.

The Series' Action-Packed Conclusion!

You'll thrill to the exciting conclusion of The Continuing Adventures of Wilmer P. Cohen, which began within the pages of Book One, You Kill'd My Pahder, Frefare to Die, and continued through Book Two, There's Rest in Beulah.

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Young Adult
March 2
Draft2Digital, LLC

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