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Hacking Evolution: Ditch Anxiety Get Happy… Forever

By Brad Kelln

Approximately 42,500 words

Advance Praise for Hacking Evolution: Ditch Anxiety Get Happy… Forever

"HACKING EVOLUTION is a self-help book for people who hate self-help books. In it, Dr. Brad Kelln offers the equivalent of an operator's manual for the human body, the most complex 'machine' we know of, but written in a very plain and straightforward way, devoid of anything that might sound 'airy-fairy'. Not one to soften a punch, Dr. Kelln hits you right between the eyes with practical skills and science-backed information to help you manage your anxiety in ways that are easily understandable and offered with genuine care. Gritty, funny and very honest, HACKING EVOLUTION will help you to see that even your super-anxious brain is probably still a very normal one — one that you can learn to ignore more often to find greater calm and peace in your life."

- Dr. Ian Shulman, PhD, Clinic Director & Clinical Psychologist

Shift Cognitive Therapy & Assessment, Oakville, ON

"This book makes so much sense...a must read for anyone who has any level of anxiety and who wants to generally feel happier and more content."

- Shauna, 37, Mental Health Professional, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I loved the suggestion of creating a badness scale. There were times over the past few days where using that technique really helped put things in perspective of not letting something trivial elevate me or affect my mood."

- Richard, 44, Mental Health Professional, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Why is anxiety rising and at epidemic levels?

Why aren't people happier?

What can we do about it?

Do you want to reduce negative feelings and feel happier? 

This book was written to help. This book will help you feel better.

Hacking Evolution explains why evolution wants you to be unhappy and what you can do about it. With years of experience, Dr. Brad Kelln, clinical psychologist, takes you on a fascinating journey into the evolution of your brain. In this humorous and personal exploration, Dr. Kelln will explain how your brain evolved to make you look for problems and be anxious but he will also show you a path to fixing it. You will learn about finding those spaces between thoughts where you can exist without anxiety, anger, or concern – you will learn to find your own QUIET MIND.

The premise is so simple you'll wonder why people haven't talked about this before. Your brain evolved in much the same way as the thumbs on your hands. Throughout the early stages of humankind, the brain worked to help us survive. But our world has changed drastically in a very short period of time while our brains haven't. Find out what your brain was meant to do and why that is making you unhappy today.

This edition of the book also contains an appendix of exercises to help you reach your goals of reducing anxiety and finding your own Quiet Mind.

Health, Mind & Body
August 4
Brad Kelln
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Expo19 ,

Must Read

Do yourself a favour and buy, read, and implement the strategies suggested in this book! I have read this book twice now and can not recommend it enough! I have personally implemented strategies suggested in this book and have benefited greatly! Well written and easy to read and understand! 5 stars from me!

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