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I’m about to take this girl for a very hard ride.

Selena is a welcome distraction from trouble at the clubhouse.

The curvy librarian thinks she can back me down.

But I like the challenge.

And I’m about to show her just how wrong she is.


Getting women has always been too easy for me.

It’s nice to have a little difficulty for once.

The busty librarian thinks she’ll turn me down and walk away unscathed.

But her resistance can end in only one way:

With Selena on her knees, begging me for more.

But trouble is stirring at the Fallen Thorns MC.

Mysterious threats at our doorstep.

My crazy ex, more unstable than ever.

And a war on the horizon.

So be it.

I’ll handle this – and her – the way I’ve handled everything in my life:

Like a motherf**king biker.


He walked in and changed my life in an instant.

I hated him on sight.

But oh my God, I wanted him so badly.

How could I not?

Those muscles.

Those tattoos.

That smooth, infuriating smirk.

He was used to getting his way with women.

I was determined not to fall for his bad boy charm.

But I never stood a chance.

He owned me from the second he burst through those doors.

I don’t have a choice.

The bad boy biker is about to take me on the hardest ride of my life.

This is the first book in the Hard Ride Series by Kathryn Thomas.

November 6
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

sauerkrautbacon ,

Hard Ride

The opening grabs a reader, wanting me to know how the characters will find their way through .

Kvox11 ,

Hard Ride by Kathryn Thomas iBooks

This story is very captivating! Logan and Selena have serious chemistry and we just caught a glimpse. There is mysterious intrigue happening. Lots of stuff and feelings to unravel.

lfskipper ,

Hard ride by Kathryn Thomas ibooks

Good red

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