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The quest for knowledge drives men and women to do amazing things in the name of science but not all amazing things are good. There are always those who would use technology and scientific breakthrough to rule, to conquer. And there are always those who will fight back.

We spend our days with machines in every pocket, on every wrist, jammed into every ear. We have become dependent on our technological wonders but, what happens when they start to wake? When they begin to talk back, to judge our actions. How will humanity measure up in the eyes of our creations? Follow these machines, or near machines, as they discover all that makes them human and what sets them apart. Standing on the threshold between man and machine, is it possible for a machine to be more more human than her creators?

An inventor on the run learns the truth of his past and discovers how far he'll go for what matters most. A former fighter pilot must overcome her limitations to save her passenger and bear witness to the rebirth of his planet. A young soldier learns the true cost of war and the lengths men will go to to claim victory. A woman crosses the threshold of scientfic breakthrough and becomes something more than human.

Artificial intelligences, machines that think, hurt, and question. They love despite the cost. They protect despite the danger. Follow these machines, or near machines, join Kora, Avery, and Shade on their journey to discover all that makes them human, even when they aren't. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 27
Double Dragon Publishing
Double Dragon Publishing

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