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Once upon a time, a firedrake, a ryu and a wyvern melted a snow queen's heart and learned to love and be loved in the process. But before they were her soulmates, they were bitter rivals. What secrets does their past hold?

There's always a battle to fight in Terra Dracones. We've fought all kinds of opponents, from dwarves turned into humongous wyrms to demons who think dragon-hunting is an appropriate extreme sport. But more often than not, because battle is in our blood, we fight one another, dragon going against dragon to defend the honor of our clans.
Once, Emmerich, Kerryn and I were no different. We were at each other's throats since hatchling-hood. When the moment came for us to face off as males vying for the attention of the females of our homeland, we would have done almost anything to defeat one another.
Today, things are different. We have found our soulmate, our treasure and our queen. But for the sake of the future, we cannot forget the lessons of the past. Because thinking back, it's almost a miracle we lived long enough to meet our female to begin with.
This is our tale, the story of three dragons who almost got each other killed more than once and ended up building a new life together, regardless. The story of the soulmates of Queen Cheimon, Lady of Winter, ruler of The Realm of Eternal Ice.

Draconic Affairs is a reverse harem fantasy romance that contains explicit 18+ sexual content, no infidelity and a happy ending with no cliffhangers. Part of the Harem of Seasons series, acting as a prologue/interlude for the Winter's Dragons arc. Releases for the series will come all throughout 2019.

March 10
Eva Brandt
Smashwords, Inc.

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