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It’s another season of Renegade baseball and, as they say, the boys are back in town. All except for all-star pitcher, Hawk Sinclair, who has returned to his hometown and back to the ranch he grew up on to rehab after shoulder surgery.

Real estate agent, Bellamy Patrick, feels like she’s failing at being a single mom. Her son is having a hard time fitting in and she’s hoping that playing baseball will be the answer. When he doesn’t make the team, she’s willing to do anything to help him... except that! And that’s exactly what the little league coach expects. 

When Hawk’s asked to coach a team of misfit kids, he balks...until he sees how the program is run and how boys are left out. That’s when he knows he has no choice but to do the right thing and turn these boys into the players he knows they can be.

December 10
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Heidi McLaughlin

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Sandy Sch ,

engaging, fast paced and inviting

HAWK is the fourth instalment in Heidi McLaughlin’s contemporary, adult THE BOYS OF SUMMER romance series. This is Boston Renegade pitcher Hawk Sinclair, and real estate agent, single mother/ divorcee Bellamy Patrick’s story line. HAWK can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Hawk and Bellamy) HAWK follows Boston Renegade pitcher Hawk Sinclair in the aftermath of a near-career ending injury. Heading home to Montana for rest and rehabilitation Hawk will come face to face with real-estate agent Bellamy Patrick, a woman who stirs something deep within our story line hero but not all is well in the small town of Richfield, Montana including a corrupt system of government and a little league coach who doesn’t play on the up and up. What ensues is the building relationship and love between Hawk and Bellamy as they circumvent the local oligarchs in an effort to start up a little league team of their own.

Hawk Sinclair loves the game of baseball but struggles with injuries that could very well end his career. Discovering the local little league coach has too much control over the players and their parents, Hawk takes things into his own hands disrupting the coach’s power and control over the town of Richfield, Montana. Bellamy Patrick struggles in the face of ex-husband less than active parenting skills but when their son does not make the little league team, Bellamy is desperate to help anyway she can, but desperation found our heroine facing threats of a different kind.

The relationship between Hawk and Bellamy is one of immediate attraction and palpable sexual energy. Bellamy is a single mother, five years older than the man with whom she will fall in love but a man whose career and job will take him from her home in Richfield, Montana. The $ex scenes are mostly implied or fade to black.

We are introduced to Bellamy’s ten year old son Chase, her ex-husband Greg; Bellamy’s office manager Karter Watson, and their boss Owen; Hawk’s brother in law Warner; his sisters Avery and Elizabeth, and his nephew Nolan; Hawk’s former best friend and little league coach Brett Larsen and his wife Annie, their daughter Mattingly; Coach David Farmer, as well as several members of the Boston Renegades, their spouses and family: Ethan and Daisy (Third Base #1), Cooper and Ainsley (Home Run 2), Saylor and Travis (Grand Slam #3).

HAWK is a story of secrets and lies; betrayal and vengeance; power, control, revelations and love.The character driven premise is engaging, fast paced and inviting; the romance is passionate; the characters are energetic, lively and dynamic.

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