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ATTENTION>> Aspiring Authors Thinking About Self-Publishing Their First Book 

Have you dreamt of writing and publishing a novel? Of sharing a story you love with readers around the world? Of having total creative freedom to write the book that only you can imagine? 

Now you can - through digital publishing. And technology has made it easier than ever before. 

I know this because I am a published author myself, with sales of over one million copies of my romance novels worldwide, in both print and electronic formats. 

But here is a secret. Self-publishing is not free. 

Not only do you have to work hard to create the best book possible, but there are many other types of costs which need to be taken into consideration at each step of the process, between completing the final draft of your manuscript, and seeing your novel for sale on an online bookstore. 

DECIDE: Do you want to make an Income from Self-Publishing your Novel? 

If you want to self-publish your novel for the pure delight of realising your dream, that is fantastic, and this book will show you what options are available. 

Or do you want to make a long term passive income from your novel? 

As a solo-writer entrepreneur, you have spent a lot of time and energy in creating your work. Now is the time to see a return on that investment. 

DISCOVER: How Self-Publishing Works and What Options are available 

There is now a complete industry which has grown up around digital publishing, which have left many authors feeling confused and bewildered about where to go for support and advice. 

INSIDE: You will be guided through those options that have been proven to produce great results for independent authors. 

Inside "Head or Heart" you'll receive the key information that answers the following questions: 

• What are the Challenges to Self-Publishing your Novel? 

• Is Self-Publishing the Best Business Model for your book? 

• How to Select an Online Publishing Platform 

• Are there any other Options besides going it alone? 

• What Price should you Charge for your Novel? 

• What Royalty Payments should you expect to receive? 

• How Much does it Cost to Self-Publish Your Novel? 

Digital publishing is a rapidly changing environment and there is no certainty that your novel will find readers. But with the information in this book, you will be able to make informed decisions about how to move forwards. 

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Thank You. Nina.

October 16

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