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We all try to care better for ourselves and out loves ones. We eat healthier meals, exercise more and have an occasional glass of wine with our friends and family. 

We tend to seek organic produce at supermarkets and farmer’s markets. Surely, the same should apply to wine. 

Yet ‘organic wine’ on the label does not guarantee that your wine is preservative-free. 

The absence of ingredients on the wine label is shocking. Why don’t we have such information readily available to us?

The reason is that wine producers do not want us to know that wine can contain 50 or even more allowed additives and flavour enhancements. Even organic wines contain limited amount of sulphites. Though these levels go beyond recommendations of World Health Organisation. It means that we are drinking wines that are harmful to us, because of a vast amount of ‘nasties’ that were added to the final product.

The main problem is with sulphites. They are a very aggressive preservative, which is capable to cause aggravation and severe reaction from asthmatics and other people who are sensitive to sulphites. Excessive amounts of added sulphites cause additional headaches and hangovers you feel the morning after. 

This book is guide to healthier wines. It is not that easy or straightforward as there are no labelling rules or standards you can use to simply know which wine does not contain a lot of additives. Yet we at Organic Wine Club know how you can start drinking better wines. Find out for yourself today!

We want to show you how to select headache-free wines. By simply knowing all facts about which wines to buy you eliminate a headache of choice. You can also stop buying conventional wines that are loaded with additives, sugars and flavour enhancements. You will then feel a pleasant buzz of natural wines made with no added sulphites, without unnecessary headaches the morning after.

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February 23
Dmytro Safonov