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Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Table of Contents
SECTION I – Getting started
Chapter # 1: Intro
Chapter # 2: How is cinnamon commonly used?
Chapter # 3: Types of cinnamon
Chapter # 4: Making the most of cinnamon in daily life
Chapter # 5: Maximum daily dosage
SECTION II – Benefits of cinnamon to the brain
Chapter # 1: Boosts brain activity
Chapter # 2: Protects against Alzheimer’s disease
SECTION III – Benefits of cinnamon to the body
Chapter # 1: Regulates blood sugar
Chapter # 2: Aids in weight loss
Chapter # 3: Helps fight cancer
Chapter # 4: Combats infertility
Chapter # 5: Reduces arthritic pain
Chapter # 6: Has inherent anti-infectious properties
Chapter # 7: Helps against acne
SECTIONIV– Conclusion

There is hardly anyone who does not consume spices regularly in one form or another. Spices find diverse uses ranging from natural flavor enhancement and brain simulation to traditional herbal medicine. There was a time when the spice trade was considered the most profitable and lucrative business by merchants who sailed from the West to the Indies.
There is a plethora of extremely beneficent spices out there but the one particular spice this book is concerned with is cinnamon. Procured from the internal bark of many trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum, it is has an international reputation as an integral part of many sweet and savory foods.
What most people don’t realize is that this miraculous spice is truly a gift of nature. It has amazing benefits that go far beyond its pleasant taste and aroma. Recent studies in universities and medical research centers from around the world have proven what traditional herbalists claimed for ages: Cinnamon has powerful medicinal applications that are diverse as they are many. Its positive effects on the human physiology include those on both the mind and the body.
This book contains information regarding cinnamon that will teach you its benefits and also how to use it effectively in your daily life. As you will see once you reach the end, cinnamon is a humble spice that can be incorporated into your daily consumption without disrupting normalcy.
Cinnamon is nature at its most benevolent, and its benefits will leave you wondering what other secrets Mother Nature holds!

Health, Mind & Body
February 26
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