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Contains weeknight dinner recipes with variations, serving suggestions, step by step directions of preparation and nutritional information of each recipe servings. Feel free to manipulate the recipes as much as you want to your taste.

I prepare these recipes for my family every day and whenever we have gatherings with friends and relatives, we never buy from the store. Each recipe is explained to detail from ingredients to direction of use plus a few variations have been added to each to suit your taste buds. The ingredients are easy to find, can be located in your local supermarket, prices may vary from store to store thus I have not included the budget range in this cookbook. Trust me you would rather make them yourself with love than having someone else prepare them for you and that’s definitely cheaper than buying them from the shelf.

All recipes contain the necessary nutrition’s to keep you and your family healthy and boosts the immunity for the rest of the day. Ideal for school going kids as well and can be carried over to the office for that in-between-meal of the day.

Each recipe consists of main dish, at least two side dishes and an appetizer to go with the meal. The idea is to create new delicious recipe variations in your daily diet and get rid of the traditional way of serving meals totally, one chapter a day. This cookbook was first published in 2014 has since under gone modifications to keep up with today’s trends in food fashion and daily nutritional needs. Be creative, try many variations when necessary to avoid monotony and most importantly share the fun.

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October 22
Daniel Weaver
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