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This is an empowering book for anyone who wants to prevent heart disease and for those with a history of heart disease-a book for us all. Those who have survived a heart attack or an open heart surgery and who manage their heart disease will find wisdom, hope, and a dedication to restore and maintain their heart health. Readers have peace of mind because they now have a plan to optimize their heart health. They are empowered because they have accessible tools to make lifestyle changes which will positively affect their feeling of wellness, and they have hope in knowing that they have the possibility to improve their health and vitality, starting where they are now, and that they are not alone on their wellness journey.

What makes Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness unique is that it is an accessible, comprehensive, holistic heart health and wellness plan, complementing the science of Western medicine, created by a cardiac ICU nurse, and endorsed by medical and functional medicine doctors. Written as a heart-to-heart conversation from Mary to you, this relatable book is full of useful tips and concepts you can adopt easily. Working with the information in this book and the easy-to-follow steps to track your health progression will create positive, measurable health improvements.

Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness shows how you can make positive changes to your lifestyle and health to protect yourself from heart disease, while also optimizing your overall health. As a cardiac ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse for thirteen years in New York City, Mary Yuter saw how crucial it was that people have easy access to information about heart disease prevention. Too often, patients were discharged from the hospital after a life-altering cardiac event such as a heart attack or open heart surgery with only medications, a list of instructions for post-op wound care, and a follow-up doctor's appointment. They received little to no guidance about how to heal and importantly, how to embark on a new lifestyle that would set them on a heart-healthy path. Mary wrote Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness to offer readers this information in a convenient plan for their heart and health improvement. Nurses and doctors traditionally are not trained in holistic methods to complement Western medicine to fully optimize a person's health, nor unfortunately do they have the time to spend educating patients. Mary wrote Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness to give you this information to help you care for your heart so you can become what Mary calls a "Cardiac Thriver." Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness and the accompanying on-line classes on www.hearttosoulcw.com offer support for recovery after a heart attack, information about how to prepare for and recuperate from heart surgery, and for heart disease prevention. You are invited to join Mary's community of Cardiac Thrivers. Your heart will be uplifted!

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February 22
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