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USA Today bestselling author RC Boldt brings us an unforgettable tale of loss, betrayal, and revenge in this new romantic suspense standalone…

Seven years ago, they took everything from me. My father. My husband. My child. 

When they stole my chance at justice, I vowed to get revenge.

Then I met him.

He tempts that long-lost part of me, but his presence is a reminder that betrayal lurks around every corner.

Their biggest mistake is underestimating my commitment for vengeance. 

They don’t realize that when it comes to a woman like me, hell hath no fury.

May 19
RC Boldt Publishing LLC
RC Boldt Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

4.5 stars-dark, gritty and raw

4.5 stars-- HELL HATH NO FURY is a stand alone, contemporary, adult, romantic suspense story line focusing on Caitlin ‘Kate’ Ashford, and the Hunter aka John Wilson.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Kate and Hunter) HELL HATH NO FURY focuses on betrayal and revenge. Seven years earlier Caitlin Ashford lost everything-her father, her husband and her daughter Willow when the Dixie Mafia demanded payment with their lives. In the ensuing years, Caitlin spent the time preparing for revenge including the take down of the law enforcement officials riding the wrong side of the law. Fast forward to present day wherein Caitlin, now calling herself Kate, finds she is not the only predator h*ll bent on destroying the Dixie Mafia. Enter a man she knows only as The Hunter, a man who specializes in contracted hits. What ensues is a game of cat and mouse as Caitlin continues to wreak vengeance against those who shattered her life, while Hunter waits in the shadows for his turn to destroy them all.

HELL HATH NO FURY is a story of betrayal, vengeance, retribution and death. Caitlin Ashford spent years in preparation for her return to Wilmington, North Carolina, and no one was going to stop her from getting her revenge. The appearance of The Hunter caught Caitlin off guard, a compromise she struggled to accept or defend but The Hunter is a man with an agenda of his own, and using Caitlin will be the ultimate betrayal of a woman whose heart is about to be shattered, once more. The premise is dark, gritty, raw and real with a couple of twists that will blow your mind; the characters are broken, determined but strong; the romance struggles in the face of secrets and lies, and a need a avenge the people they lost.

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