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Okay, so here's the test. Yeah, that's right, our description has a test to see if you should buy the app. If all three tips below are new to you, you should buy this app immediately. If two of the tips are new to you, you'll find some goodies in the app and you should still buy it. If just one tip is new to you, it's your call. We're 100% sure you'll learn some goodies. If you know all three, don't buy this app! We don't want negative reviews from crazy pro master iPhone users who only learned a few things (yeah, crazy pro master, we probably know a few things you didn't know. Can you live without knowing those few?). 

Here's the test! No cheating! 

1. Did you know when in the Camera app, you can swipe left to right to see the recent photo you just took instead of tapping the button on the bottom left? 

You're grabbing your iPhone aren't you? Go buy the app if we already got you. 

2. Did you know you and see the drafted messaged in Mail by holding down the "Compose new mail" button? 

You might think this is a "whatever" feature but you're going to use it all the time now. 

3. Did you know while on a call, you can end the call and lock the screen at the same time by pressing the sleep/wake button. This doesn't work if the speaker is on. 

Okay, so how did you do? if one, two or three of the tips were new to you, you're about to love your iPhone even more. Go ahead and buy the app, it won't hurt. 

Crazy pro master iPhone user, you're still reading this? Okay, you have to buy the app just because an apps description has never entertained you this much. 

Here are the actual features of the app: 

• Every tip is animated so you can actually see it happen on the iPhone rather than just reading it. 

• Launching with over 50 tips. 

• More updates to come 

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January 1
It's About Time Products, LLC.
Its About Time Products LLC

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