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This hot selection of stories features three girls’ first g******g experiences.  Included in this 12,000 word bundle are: Babysitter G******g, Taking One for the Team and G******g 101.

Babysitter G******g: Carla has been a babysitter for a single dad of 2, Ron, for many years.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that she began to look at her employer in a very different light.  She had grown almost obsessively attracted to him and made no effort to hide it.

So when Ron finally gives in and agrees to have sex with her, Carla is shocked to find out that he has a condition: have sex with both him and two of his friends.  Is Carla willing to go the distance to satisfy her hunger for Ron?

This 3,400 word story contains explicit content, including: masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, and a mmmf g******g that opens Carla up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Taking One for the Team: When Dana begins college and joins the school’s cheerleading team, she finds herself a whole new group of friends.  Before the team leaves for a series of on the road games, the boys decide to throw a party.  Dana attends with her roommate and finds herself having sex for the first time with one of the stars of the team: Nate.

After leaving the school for the series of games, Dana finds herself  alone with Nate again.  This time, however, he has a more unusual proposition: have sex with him and 3 other guys from the team to boost their morale.  Will she be able to handle their offense, or will she be able to rise to the occasion?

This 4,100 word story includes explicit content, including: m/f sex, oral sex, lost virginity, anal sex and an all-star gang-bang.

G******g 101: Nancy was having the time of her life attending college for her first year.  She had been given a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious school because of her excellent grades.  Unfortunately, all of the good times were about to catch up with her.

When she finds out that she is going to fail a history class, she goes to the teacher nearly in tears.  She begs him to pass her.  If not, she will lose her scholarship.  Her professor, Mr. Avalon, is more than willing to help her.  The only catch is that Nancy will have to make it up on his terms.  Will her scholarship be important enough for her to submit herself to the professor’s darkest desires?

This 4,400 word story contains explicit content, including: m/f sex, oral sex, anal sex, blackmail, double penetration and a first-time g******g for one desperate student.

Fiction & Literature
January 12
Cara Layton
Patricia Sutton

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