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The books in this set include:

Harrison’s Heart

Saul’s Sweetheart

Dakota’s Delight

The full blurbs for each book are below. 


When a call for help comes from the father of his boss Levy's woman Ice, Harrison answers. A senator has been shot, his wife beaten and the man's kids are in the wind. With a press-conference's-worth of questions needing answers, Harrison has his job cut out for him. Unfortunately, that's not all that's expected of him. The senator's adult daughter is also missing. She's ex-military and apparently has a grudge against the world.  She doesn't want to be found, and, even after Harrison locates her, she refuses to have a single blessed thing to do with him. If only he felt the same…

Zoe's on a mission that doesn't leave room in her worldview for heroes, especially a gorgeous badass warrior like Harrison, whom she considers little more than a mercenary for hire. Good thing Harrison has never been the type to take 'no' for an answer because the situation--and their relationship--has all the ingredients of a powder keg requiring one small spark to ignite it. Zoe has angered exactly the wrong people…and they're plotting to put an end to her meddling…and her…permanently. 


Saul is a man who knows the incomparable value of a good friend. So, when he’s called on by Legendary Securities to find Benji’s missing brother, Daniel, he doesn't hesitate to take the mission. Delving deeper into the situation brings on the uncomfortable suspicion that Daniel might be involved in things a lot darker than avoiding Benji's phone calls. 

Rebel has been haunting Daniel's apartment, looking for a friend of hers who's missing. When the bodies start piling up, she's terrified her friend will be the next victim. But Rebel's isn't the type to sit on her hands and wait for the worst to happen--ex-SEAL or no ex-SEAL. 

She makes it clear that if Saul doesn't get out of her way, she'll run right over him. 

Maybe to other people, that would be a threat. To Saul, it's a promise he wants her to keep…preferably before the messy situation with their friends blows up and takes them all out. 


Recovering from the loss of her husband hasn't been easy for Bailey, and she's retreated from life to the point where she goes to work, comes home, and that's the most she can say she's done every day…that is, until one morning she walks into the place she works and witnesses a murder. 

Terrified she'll be next, she flees into traffic and nearly gets run over.  What might have been her death instead awakens the spark of life inside her again. Just as ironically, the man driving the car that almost hit her awakens another ache she'd assumed was forever gone with her husband.

Dakota persuades her to move into the compound where he's employed, Legendary Securities, for her own safety. With his promise to track down the murderer she'd witnessed, Bailey has no choice but to accept the help. Before long, it's no longer her life she's most worried about losing. Will the man who almost ran her down steal her heart?

September 11
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

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kitcat$345 ,

Book 7 thru 9. 3 Seals of Honor Novels

Well done, Dale M. Loved all your books. Excellent storylines.
Catherine M.

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