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This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The militant Lebanese Shia Group Hezbollah (Party of God) has evolved into the largest and most professional terrorist groups in the Middle East. The political wing has been successful at placing several representatives in the Lebanese Parliament while the military wing has been training, recruiting, fighting and conducting terrorist attacks within the Levant and globally against U.S., Israeli and European interests. Since 2000, the popularity of the organization has continued to grow throughout southern Lebanon and Beirut since the evacuation of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon and its recent victory in the 2006 war with Israel. Though seldom discussed, a major factor in Hezbollah's success is the use of the social services section. Hezbollah's social service program is vital to the success and survival of the organization. This monograph examine the history of Lebanon and the evolution of Hezbollah, the organizational structure, funding sources and methods and social service achievements will provide a systemic understanding of how the organization morphed from a resistance movement into a state-less government that meets the needs of the Lebanese Shia population. The analysis includes aspects of the organization's structure, funding sources and methods and its achievements in providing social services. This monograph addresses how Hezbollah's social service model, by which it gained popular support and became a significant bloc in Lebanon's legislature, may be emulated by other Islamists organizations in obtaining political legitimacy.

Hezbollah's success has not gone unnoticed by the global jihadist/insurgent community. Hezbollah has proven to be adaptive and flexible in their strategy but have maintained a consistent strategic view. Though Hezbollah is apparently not attempting to export the Islamic revolution, the organization has inspired Islamic minded groups like Turkish Hezbollah, who have adopted the name but have no affiliation with Lebanese Hezbollah. Turkish Hezbollah is predominantly Kurdish and is fighting to establish an Islamic government within Turkey.

July 14
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