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First loves, first songs, and the drugs and reckless high school exploits that fueled them—meet music icons Tegan and Sara as you’ve never known them before in this intimate and raw account of their formative years.

High School is the revelatory and unique coming-of-age story of Sara and Tegan Quin, identical twins from Calgary, Alberta, growing up in the height of grunge and rave culture in the 90s, well before they became the celebrated musicians and global LGBTQ icons we know today. While grappling with their identity and sexuality, often alone, they also faced academic meltdown, their parents’ divorce, and the looming pressure of what might come after high school. Written in alternating chapters from both Tegan’s point of view and Sara’s, the book is a raw account of the drugs, alcohol, love, music, and friendships they explored in their formative years. A transcendent story of first loves and first songs, it captures the tangle of discordant and parallel memories of two sisters who grew up in distinct ways even as they lived just down the hall from one another. This is the origin story of Tegan and Sara.

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September 24
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Bubber01 ,

Refreshing Story about the High School Years.

This book is a very refreshing take on the sometimes overdone genre of high school story. Hearing the unique story of Tegan and Sara getting through high school and becoming the excellent musicians they are was entertaining. I definitely recommend the book. I would super recommend the audiobook (which includes vintage demos to songs and audio clips Tegan and Sara chatting)

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