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The world’s great philosophers and spiritual leaders teach us that happiness depends on how we look at life. In Higher, Charles Hanna explores why and how we can create the best possible outlook. By finding our Higher Perspective, Higher Power, and Higher Purpose, he demonstrates how we can challenge our demons and become our best selves. His experience of physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery and his applications will resonate powerfully with all readers.

As a young man, Hanna emigrated from Egypt to Canada where he got an education and followed his dreams. From one perspective, his life was perfect—his family grew, his businesses flourished; yet, his doubt and addiction quietly destroyed him. It was not until Hanna finally hit bottom that he discovered the tools to achieve true personal freedom and happiness—a Higher life. Through his firsthand experience and his understanding of human nature, neuroscience, and life management, Hanna provides readers with practical and practicable techniques and ideas so that everyone can apply the Higher way to their daily routines and to their dreams.

Hanna’s engaging voice, fascinating realizations, and depth of understanding make Higher a valuable book for anyone, religious or otherwise, who wants to find greater meaning, beauty, and success in their lives.

Health, Mind & Body
March 21
Figure 1 Publishing
Perseus Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

micha007mk ,


Awakened to the beauty of life, we often get complacent and stuck in the day to day mundane things we do on automatic, this book helps you to stop and smell the roses, as well as enjoy the way the roses look and feel.
Also a great read for anyone who would like to be in recovery or is already in recovery...I couldn't help but agree with everything I read.
What a joy to read.