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Five years ago, Mike Smith was an unhappy man living all alone. Then he purchased a Daffodil. Far more than regular robots, his Daffodil Patience, changed his life in ways that he had never thought possible. Now it is the year 2037, and Mike and Patience have been married for five years. Retired and enjoying life, Mike thought that all his troubles were behind him, but it seems as though they are creeping up again. California Proposition 22 proposes to define a person as a biological entity, thereby annulling marriages, like Mike’s and Patience’s, performed in other states. Battle lines have been drawn, at least as far as the proponents of the bill are concerned. Now Mike must muster his own support to defeat the measure. But there is more going on than just politics. Daffodil, the robot maker, is in the news again. Hardware issues are leaving robots across the globe unable to function. Is it only an antenna issue? Now Patience herself is behaving oddly. Is there something really wrong with her, or does she just need a software upgrade?

His Robot Wife is the novella-length sequel to His Robot Girlfriend.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 13
Wesley Allison
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

GR-Wing ,

Great Read

It was steady and relaxing read again, can't wait for the next one to come out!

Deere73 ,

Another Great Read

This was a great follow-up from the last book....can't wait for the next : )

Grant Millard ,

Unfulfilled Potential

When reviewing His Robot Girlfriend I said it contained the seed of a good book. A short story with the core of a tale which might have been expanded into a fine, full length novel.

I had hoped that His Robot Wife would be that novel.

Again though we have a short story providing an hour's read and failing to fulfill itself. The author writes well with a style that is easy to enjoy but without exploring story elements and characters that could be so much more. It feels like he has a lot more to offer both here and in this story's prequel but is unwilling to invest the effort.

Perhaps we are seeing what happens when an author with ability decides to put only so much time into a piece of work if it is only going to sell for 99 cents a copy?

Worth the price but it could be so much better.

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