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This had made sense when it began. Adrian Knight had brought out a force of passion in me the very first day I met him, when the cruise had offered an optional stay at the resort on Ilha de Flor while the South Atlantic Sojourn was docked in Natal. I knew nothing about Knight beyond the fact that he was wealthy, stunningly handsome, charming when he wanted to be, and utterly dominant sexually. It was the first time I’d ever responded with such desire on a purely physical level, with no emotional feedback, no romantic noise. What better opportunity would I find to learn to separate lust and love, to take ownership of my own sexuality? That I relinquished ownership of my body to Adrian Knight in the process was just one of those contradictions of life…and an acknowledgment that I sometimes needed to be pushed along a path. It had still been my choice to let Knight push me. But my head was getting noisy now, disturbed by murmurs of possessiveness and jealousy and attachment.

Chloe Bloom is running away from a life’s worth of unfaithful men, the most recent being society scion Penn Ellison. The South American cruise is supposed to be her chance to forget her problems in exotic locales and the arms of gorgeous strangers, if only her heart and libido would cooperate.

Adrian Knight lets people think he’s the manager of the luxury resort on the private Brazilian island of Ilha de Flor when in truth he’s the owner, a perfectly poised example of the kind of rake you get with a few generations of ridiculous wealth.  Sex is a transaction for him, until Chloe Bloom walks out of the arms of Knight’s lifelong rival and into his resort.

With Chloe looking to explore this particularly male concept of lust without love, and Adrian unable to resist his competitive urge to claim what his rival lost, it’s a matter of time before she is on her knees and at his whim.

For the first time, Erika Masten’s bestselling erotic romance serial His is available in a single box set. Please be aware that His (A Billionaire Domination Serial) is an erotic domination and submission romance containing strong sexual elements and language and is intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature.

This set contains:

At His Whim: His #1 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

In His Service: His #2 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

At His Mercy: His #3 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

Under His Sway: His #4 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

In His Grip: His #5 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

In His Wake: His #6 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

For His Sake: His #7 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

In His World: His #8 (A Billionaire Domination Serial)

September 24
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