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Take me and make me yours, Master!

Master's Obedient Toy: Jane never expected Master to bring home another man to play with her.

In this hardcore story you will find:

Threesome sex
Oral sex
Hair pulling
Jane's been with her Master for a while now. She's learned his rules, and she follows them... usually.

One day, while being punished for talking back, she's nude in the corner when she hears a knock at the front door.

Another man has been invited to use her while Master watches.

What Jane doesn't know is that this is simply the next step in her submission. If she does well, she'll be rewarded, in ways she never expected. But if she fails...

The Sadist's Proposition: He wants your complete and utter submission.

Jen Smith had to walk out on her boyfriend after she catches him cheating, but she was too scared to stay at a shelter.

No one else was willing to take her, until a wealthy businessman found her. He offers to take her to all the finest stores and feed her all the finest food, and he only asks one thing: fulfill his sadistic sexual appetites.

Will she be able to stomach the pain for financial security?

The Sadist's Return: The sequel to The Sadist's Proposition is here!

Jen Smith thought she had it made: all the money in the world was going to be at her finger tips, and all it took was a little sex -- she was happy to go along with that.

But the billionaire master that bought her body walked out after she got bratty and talked back.

Would he dump her back out on the street? Jen thought so.

After making her squirm he does come back, though, and she begs for his forgiveness.

He makes sure she pays for her insubordination with her body.

Fiction & Literature
September 27
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