How Do Cats Do That? Discover How Cats Do The Amazing Things They Do

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★★★★★ "It was amazing. A very lovely book about cats with a lots of interesting information. Recommended to cat persons." --Annarella, NetGalley Reviewer

Ever wonder how cats do the fascinating things they do?

Do you ask yourself or a friend what's a cat's secret in doing that?

Now, you can know the answers.

In this book, Peter Scottsdale gives you solutions to the cat questions you want answered. Amaze your friends with your feline knowledge.

You Will Discover 34 Cat Secrets Like:

How Do Cats Purr?
How Do Cats Mate?
How Do Cats Drink Water?
How Do Cats Hunt?
How Do Cats Communicate?
How Do Cats Show Love?
How Do Cats Jump So High?
How Do Cats' Tails Work?
How Do Cats Use Their Whiskers?
How Do Cats' Nails Get Sharp?
How Do Cats Wash Themselves?
How Do Cats See?
How Do Cats Eyes Work?
How Do Cats See In The Dark?
How Do Cats Identify Their Owners?
How Do Cats View Their Owners?
How Do Cats Play?
How Do Cats Adapt?
How Do Cats Fight?
How Do Cats Protect Themselves?
How Do Cats Pee?
How Do Cats Spray?
How Do Cats Give Birth?
How Do Cats Age?
How Do Cats Keep Warm?
How Do Cats Cool Down?
How Do Cats Sleep?
How Do Cats Eat?
How Do Cats React To Catnip?
How Do Cats Land On Their Feet?
How Do Cats Find Their Way Home?
How Do Cats Show Pain?
How Do Cats Get Worms?
How Do Cats Get Ringworm?
How Do Cats Get Fleas & Ticks?
How Do Cats Get Ear Mites?
...And Much More.

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What people are saying about How Do Cats Do That?

★★★★★ "With cats being such mysterious and endearing animals, finding a book such as this is truly wonderful. Encompassing many curiosities, Peter Scottsdale has answered questions about how a cat communicates, eats, drinks, shows emotion, procreates, gives birth and more. I was both fascinated and intrigued by how many details were provided about this delightful animal. Not only does the book stick to the facts, but it educates without treating the reader like they are absolutely clueless in reading the book to begin with." -- Rosie Malezer, Readers' Favorite Review

 ★★★★★ "This book definitely delivered - written by Peter Scottsdale who is a self-confessed cat lover himself, it included all the information you could possibly want to know about cats, and answers more questions than you probably thought you had. Would highly recommend this to any cat owner." -- Laura, NetGalley Reviewer

★★★★★ "I love cats! This book answered a lot of questions I had concerning cats, like, how do they cool down on hot days and why our feral populations yowls so much! Interesting book with loads of info. Should be read by anyone thinking about getting a cat, but would make a nice gift for a young cat owner, as well.
I received a Kindle ARC in exchange for a fair review from NetGalley." -- Cat, NetGalley Reviewer

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