How to Become a Private Investigator

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Publisher Description

•  So you want to be a private investigator?
•  Little or no law enforcement or related experience?
•  Sick of sending resumes and calling companies only to hear 'no'?
•  Want to start your own business?
•  Want to know what it's really like being a P.I.?
A few years ago I was in exactly the same position.
Find out how I went from a standard corporate marketing job, to fulfilling my dream of becoming a private investigator – with almost no experience.
From spreadsheets and office politics to stakeouts and car tailing.
If you're in this position then this is the place to start. 
This book explains the exact steps I took to make it as a P.I. It's a combination of my own experiences, as well as the 20 plus books and countless articles I read during the process. Relevant for the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It is the definitive guide.

"Your advice and book structure has been the most easy to follow out of all the PI courses and books I've picked up. Your book is the first that actually breaks down the mindset and actions required... find out what value I can add to the PI firm of interest, look for skills I may already have that aren't necessary directly PI skills but good for their business, and be persistent in reaching out to offer assistance. Also, getting my hands on old cases to study is a brilliant idea. This makes a lot of sense."

"I finally received your book and I read it cover to cover in one sitting. There is so much useful information in it for those wishing to enter the industry that, at times, it almost felt like I was reading a handbook written for me personally. Thank you so much for writing such an informative and helpful book."

"I recently bought your PI book and found it a really informative and enjoyable read. Having read many of the books on private investigations that are on Amazon, I found yours especially helpful."

Find out:
•  The top 3 mistakes people make when looking for a job as a P.I.
•  How to provide value to an organization, even without investigative experience
•  A day in the life of a private investigator – truth and fiction
•  14 typical cases you may be involved in
•  Reviews and links to dozens of books, articles and websites for further information
This is not about the tools and techniques of a private investigator (e.g. surveillance, tailing, tracing, interviewing etc.), there are many other books and online resources for this.
It is not a manual for the job itself; it is a guide on how to get into the industry in the first place.
It is specifically for people with little or no experience who want to break into the exciting world of private investigation. 
Having read this book you'll come away knowing the first steps you need to take, some further reading or resources, or maybe you'll realize that private investigation is not really for you.
Either way, this book can save you months of frustration sending out resumes and facing rejection after rejection. No more going round in circles.
Don't waste any more time. Before doing anything else, start with this book.

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April 20
Kurt Breetvelt
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