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Are you a ravenous reader, a fiction freak, a biblio beast with an insatiable appetite? Have you ever wished your bookish habit could somehow earn its keep?

There’s a way—a truly exciting way!

The first fiction that I ever beta read changed my life. Yes, it helped the author, but it transformed the course of my literary world—so much so that I now make a living offering author services—all because I got my foot in the door with beta reading.

What is beta reading, you ask? It’s reading unpublished works of fiction and giving the author effective and actionable feedback to improve that work.

It’s basically like entering a magic portal each day to a whole new world, a world where you get to read and contribute to the beautiful, thrilling, and captivating stories that make our worlds go 'round, provide hours of thought-provoking entertainment, and keep us up late into the night.

In this book you’ll learn:
• how to identify standard literary elements and provide suggestions to improve the overall work.
• how to read for authenticity, veracity, and unity of the story.
• how to read for proper genre conventions to ensure the story fits the author’s intended market.
• how to read with the eyes of a reader, writer, and editor.

And you’ll be thought absolutely charming when authors experience your superb beta reading etiquette!

Look, the fascinating world of books needs you like never before.

There are thousands of self-publishing authors needing someone with the skills to help them craft their next bestselling book.

That someone could be you!

Whether you are an avid reader curious about the possibility of an exciting new hobby, a serious reader looking to put your reading habit to work, or an old beta reading pro wanting to get better at what you do, this series is for you!

Get your copy now!

Professional & Technical
September 19
Dedrie Marie
Smashwords, Inc.

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